The Story Of How Nomination Bracelet Came In Existence

The Story Of How Nomination Bracelet Came In Existence

The nomination bracelet came into existence in the 1980s. Italy, precisely Florence, is the place of the nomination bracelet’s origin. Even today, companies are working with the same values, including innovation, passion, Italian spirit, and excellent craftsmanship. Now the most crucial question here is where the idea of such a compostable bracelet came from.

Have you ever wondered why the designer even thinks about creating a compostable jewellery piece? Who knew this piece of nomination jewellery would become a sensation for the coming generations? Even today, everyone wants to own a nomination bracelet or charm. The Jewel Hut is helping them in realizing this dream.

This online jewellery store is eager to provide the best-branded jewellery to fashion fans at competitive prices. Jewel Hut wants its customers to get high street services even on the internet. Now, it’s time to explore the history of nomination, the decades-old jewellery piece.

The origin of a new idea and Paolo Gensini

The nomination bracelets and Paolo Gensini are inseparable. When people talk about the nomination jewellery Paolo Gensini will automatically come to your mind. He is the one behind the origin of the nomination bracelet. Jewellery is always about precious metals and stones.

The use of these materials makes a piece of jewellery expensive and unaffordable for many people. In the 80s, things were different from today. A large number of people were unable to possess a piece of jewellery. It made Paolo Gensini ask himself a few questions such as –

  • Why do they have to use gold or silver for making jewellery?
  • Why make it so expensive?
  • Isn’t it better to create jewellery accessible to all the sections of society?

At this point, he starts to think about creating jewellery compostable and can suit women as well as men of all ages. At the same time, a piece of jewellery is affordable for everyone. In this way, the nomination bracelet came into existence. Since then, they have never stopped creating these bracelets.

However, with the changing time, the collection is increasing with a trendier and modern approach as the last one. In the beginning, the traditional goldsmiths had their reservations about this innovative creation. No use of precious materials for making it is the reason behind their reservation for the nomination bracelet. However, things changed with time.

The compostable steel bracelet having the letters of gold has become a fashionable and favorite accessory around the world.

The nomination bracelet also becomes the first one offering people to write their names by unifying different links of different alphabets. The word “nomination “means “to name” comes from Latin.

Today’s Nomination bracelet 

Thanks to the nomination bracelet, the brand has become the leader of the stainless steel and gold jewellery section today. Still, they are continuing their communicative purpose by introducing new collections and lines and expressing the value of the company as well as representing the essence of Italian craftsmanship.

There are no changes in the nomination bracelets of the 1980s and today. Now you can customize your bracelet as per your wish by using different types of links available. You can make your choice from gold, silver, enamel, rose gold, stones, pendant charms, compostable and classic starter, and double links.