A Few Ideas For Wedding Welcome Bag for Guests

A Few Ideas For Wedding Welcome Bag for Guests

During your wedding, you can thank all your out-of-town guests by offering a certain welcome gift bag who have traveled all the way to attend your wedding.  Whether you are having your wedding in a certain wedding venue or in a hotel, it will be a good idea to offer something special to say your thank you.

While selecting what to offer in your wedding gift, you may prefer printed reusable bags obtained from Custom Earth Promos for all your guests. Besides, based on the theme of your wedding, you may include your chosen items.

Here are few ideas about the contents that you must include in your welcome gift bag.

  • Local collectibles

People who come from different cities will love to get certain famous items from the local area that they can keep as souvenirs. If you can also include a local roadmap then it will be quite helpful for them too.

  • The hangover helper kit

These days’ hangover helper kits are increasingly becoming popular and typically consist of whatever you will need to get out of your post-party hangover. Mostly, it will contain:

  • Bottle of Coca-Cola
  • Water gum
  • Aspirin
  • Pepto Bismol


  • Food, snacks, and necessities

You can also add a few foods, snacks, and other necessities. All these snacks can also be certain handy late-night munchies. You may also add certain fun items e.g. local magazines, mini wine bottles, etc.

  • Drinks

Consider filling your bags with a few mixes of bottled water, iced tea, juice, and even something a little more fun such as a small bottle or can of champagne. If you prefer to get a little fancier, then you can print your custom labels for the drinks.

  • Few useful items

A few items that most of your guests must have forgotten to bring with them like:

  • A lint roller
  • Stain wipes
  • Wrinkle release spray
  • A sewing kit
  • Lip bum
  • Aspirin
  • Sunscreen

You may also add a few more that you think appropriate.

  • Postcards

Local postcards will always be appreciated by outside visitors. You can pick out a few cheesy postcards from any local souvenir shop or you can also source a few awesome vintage postcards available from the area.

  • Candle and matches

You can also add another lovely gift to your wedding welcome bag and which is a small candle with matches for your guests who can use it in the hotel rooms. This will be a nice way to remind them about this trip.

  • Handwritten card

You can also include in your welcome bags a handwritten note. Although it may take a little extra time to make a decent note with your own handwriting, however, it will be really appreciated by your guests.

  • Quirky item

We also suggest including fun or a quirky item too in your guests’ bags. A few items like a certain scratch-off lottery ticket, favorite family recipe, horoscope for the weekend, even a cute photo of the couple will be nice.

  • Info on local events

Also, you can give a few important pieces of info about various local events that your guests may be interested in.