Are You Aware of Google’s AdWords Enhanced Campaigns?

Are You Aware of Google’s AdWords Enhanced Campaigns?

Nowadays, online marketers will find a few fundamental changes so far as paid search advertising is concerned, ever since AdSense has been introduced. Google AdWords can move over the enhanced format of campaigns that have completely overhauled how advertisers these days target searchers as per their device, time, and location.

Earlier, you could make separate campaigns for targeting your searchers on laptop, mobile, or desk­top devices, having different bids. However, the present format would mean one campaign will target all types of devices by default. Traffic obtained from your desktops and mobile will now be treated in the same way.

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Introducing enhanced campaigns

Whatever changes are happening on the ad campaigns are fully structured. Now Google is trying to rethink how we usually deal with different devices that we use.

Therefore, they are now upgrading the structure of your decade-old PPC campaign to have the capability to leverage all the important advertising features of mobile without creating separate campaigns for every new location and another device combination that was prevalent before.

Now the ad campaigns will be much different in many ways:

  1. New bidding options

At present, AdWords campaigns are going to support a bid that is based on the time of the day e.g. when your store remains open you can bid more and bid less when your store is closed.

Google is now expanding on this concept to include new bid adjustment choices for location and another bid adjustment choice for device. Instead of creating a specific geo-targeted campaign and mobile-specific campaign, now you can do all that in a single campaign.

  1. Much smarter ads

Advertisements are getting much smarter about user context. Just with a single campaign, now you will have ads for mobile, lapktop – similar to different sized image advertisements within one display ad campaigns.

Google will note of your device that you are executing during the search and also will choose the right advertisement to run with.  Instead of specifying different campaigns for mobile and tablet, etc., advertisements and settings can be adjusted automatically for you, based on user context.

The automatic upgrade-path 

Like many other changes in Google AdWords, Google will offer to advertisers until mid-year for manually upgrading to this new enhanced campaign, and after that will upgrade all accounts automatically.

  1. If you are also like most of the other advertisers particularly those who never cared to separate the campaigns into different kinds of experiences for laptop vs. mobile, then you will be in luck!

Your path to upgrading will be quite straightforward. All that you need to set will be your adjustment factor for mobile bid, which Google may also automatically set for you – more on that very shortly.

  1. If previously you have created a laptop-only campaign, in that case by default it will get upgraded to run across your laptop and mobile devices. Google will then automatically set a certain non-zero initial factor for mobile bid adjustment on your behalf.
  2. In case previously you have created only for the mobile campaign (i.e. no laptop targeting), in that case by default it is going to be upgraded for going across both mobile and laptop, and they will set an initial factor for your bid adjustment for you.
  3. In case you had made copies of your same campaign previously, i.e. one for laptop, and one for your mobile, then you will need to merge all those back together into a single one.

Few people do not agree with these default settings used for the auto-upgrade paths as mentioned on 2 and 3 above, that is because those advertisers who had separated mobile/laptop campaigns previously will now have 2 campaigns targeting the same keywords with different advertisement experiences that will target both laptop and mobile.

Although they were intended to target either laptop or mobile search, but for them, it would have made much better sense if the factor for bid adjustment for the mobile search that was set to 100% only for laptop campaigns. They think this decision was perhaps taken to grow more Google revenue.