Can You Get Rid of Your Anxiety With the Help of Meditation?

Can You Get Rid of Your Anxiety With the Help of Meditation?

Anxiety is experienced by even the best amongst us. However, if this feeling becomes a regular phenomenon that does not want to go away, then it is the right time to seek help.

Nowadays people are quite fascinated with meditation for anxiety and many people find comfort by meditating. These days, people are also making use of CBD oil for vaping purpose. One can buy cannabis smoking accessories from a good online smoke shop such as the Express Smoke Shop. Having said that, now let us talk about meditation here.

What is meditation?

Nobody exactly can tell you since when people started practicing meditation to get rid of anxiety. However, most people have absolutely no doubt that some form of meditation has been in existence since a very long time.

Many people may not have been consciously knowing that they were actually “meditating”, but they had no doubt that they were performing some form of meditation irrespective of whether they really knew it or not.

Nowadays, you can find classes conducted by experts in this field. They are fully devoted to meditating and you can find such experts even in an advanced country like the US, where people boast of modern culture.

This meditation can also range from a number of different things like from being silent, then walking to mindfulness meditation, etc. Many people are able to experience meditation in many different ways, and it is all up to an individual to choose for your meditation journey.

You can calm your anxiety in 3 steps

  1. Start by opening your attention to your present moment. You must invite yourself to bring close attention to your own experience in a more open manner, which is not involved with choosing or evaluating, but just simply holding and try to become a container of your own feelings, thoughts, or various sensations in your body that are present.
  2. Next, you must focus on your breath. Try to be more centered, narrower, while breathing from certain part of your body, then breathe from your belly, chest, or your nostrils, or any other part where the breath is known to retain focus and concetration.
  3. Now, bring your attention towards your body and move out to get awareness of sensations in your body as a whole, by sitting with your whole body, your whole breath, and move back to the spacious container of your attention.

Mindfulness may not be always a right choice for all. However, as per research, when you are able to create a small space between you and what you are experiencing, then your anxiety can reduce.

However, if you get too much stress then it can gradually grow, and being stressed up will become your “habit”, which is harmful to your health. Consequently, if you get caught up within the pattern of reactivity, then you may create more harm in your lives.

Therefore, it is so important to know clearly the difference between your reacting with unawareness and also responding with mindfulness.